Motivational Speaker Discusses Autism Awareness on Comcast

Last week, March 4, 2015 I had the wonderful opportunity to be a guest on The Weekly Show with Pat O’Meila, a local television show in Jersey City, New Jersey hosted by Hudson Media Group. In the episode I was able to discuss my life on the autism spectrum. In addition we discussed my role as a nationally accredited public speaker and how autism has affected our community today especially in New Jersey where we have the highest prevalence of autism in the country.

You can watch the entire episode below.

I’d like to thank Pat and Hudson Media Group for giving me this opportunity as we gear up for Autism Awareness Month and World Autism Awareness Day in April. Currently 1 in 45 are affected by autism in New Jersey and 1 in 68 in the United States. The more awareness we have around the topic of autism the better our community will be.

Learn more about how we can collaborate on an event to help spread the word on autism here.

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